NPC's (Non Player Characters)

Non Player Characters
Descriptions begin sparse, but will be expanded upon through IC interactions with the listed NPC’s as well as plot development. More will be added when they are discovered.

Belor Hemlock: Sheriff of Sandpoint. A large man of Shoan-ti tribal origin. He is currently teaching Galibross his unique style of swordplay.

Sabyl: A contemplative and pacifistic monk who cares for the House of Blue Stones, a shrine to Irori as well as a library. She is currently allowing Galibross to study the surprisingly extensive amount of material there. Galibross also has been allowed to sleep at the shrine. Note Using this library grants someone a +4 on Knowledge (History) and Knowledge (The Planes) checks.

Cyrdak Drokkus: A ‘flamboyant’ man, and owner of the Sandpoint Theater. His love affair with Sir Jaspar Korvaski is one of Sandpoint’s worst kept secrets. He is currently employing Lorelai, and allowing her to sleep in an empty bedroom in the theater.

Shalelu Andosana: An elven ranger that lives in the woods that surround Sandpoint. She appears in town once every few months for supplies and gets along well with Mayor Kendra Deverin as well as Belor Hemlock. She’s been a friend of Aleffe for going on several decades now.

Vin Vinder: The owner of Sandpoint’s most well-stocked general store. When The Alchemist arrived in town, Vin was one of the first to taciturnly defend the new arrival, and as such they have developed a mutually beneficial relationship. Vin being one of the more influential people in town, and The Alchemist keeping him fully stocked with alchemical items. Vin is most proud of his two daughters Katrine and Shayliss.

NPC's (Non Player Characters)

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