Goblin Tribes and Heroes of the Lost Coast

Goblin Tribes

  • Birdcrunchers. They live in caves on the west edge of Devils Platter. They’re the closest to Sandpoint but generally the least aggressive.
  • Licktoads. They live in Brinestump Marsh. They’re swimmers and shipwreck scavengers.
  • Seven Tooth. They live in the Shankswood, steal trash from the Sandpoint junkyard, and make goblin weapons and armor out of it that they then sell to the other tribes.
  • Mosswoods. They live in the Mosswood, obviously. The biggest tribe but usually held back by internal power struggles.
  • Thistletops. They live on the island by that name (off the Nettlewood coast) which looks like a severed head from certain angles. Generally considered to be the best lair of any tribe.

Goblin Heroes

  • Gugmut, a tall and muscular Mosswood. Said to be part hobgoblin and part wild boar.
  • Koruvus of the Seven Tooth tribe. Short-tempered, said to own a magic longsword too big for him (human-sized), supposedly found a hidden lair along the cliffs several months ago and hasn’t been heard from since.
  • Vorka the cannibal, who lives in the Brinestump Marsh and is feared by the Licktoad tribe.
  • Rendwattle Gutwad, chief of the Brinestump, who is so fat that he never leaves his throne.
  • Ripnugget, chief of the Thistletop tribe
  • Bruthasmus, a bugbear ranger of the Nettlewood. Foe of elves, nemesis of Shalelu.

Goblin Tribes and Heroes of the Lost Coast

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