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  • Ameiko Kaijitsu

    Ameiko owns and runs the Rusty Dragon inn. She recently offered the PCs a week of free accommodations each in return for their defense of Sandpoint during the [[Session 1 | goblin]] [[Session 2 | raids]].

  • Aldern Foxglove

    Aldern Foxglove was attacked by goblins during their recent [[Session 2 | raid]] on Sandpoint. The PCs defended him (and he returned the favor by slaying a goblin that was attacking [[:473232 | Amirra]]). He's staying at the Rusty Dragon inn currently ( …

  • Shayliss Vinder

    Shayliss is Ven Vinder's 17-year-old daughter. She helps run the general store, and seems to have taken an interest in [[:svante]].