Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition - Garner NC 2013

Session 7

27th of Rova

Exploring some mysterious ruins under Sandpoint.

Jailith’s Day to Day. Session 7.

After speaking with the guards and releasing Amiko we traveled back into the caves to follow the fresh trail. We came upon a old bricked off tunnel recently broken down.
Traveling into the old passage I saw an abomination of nature come from the dark at my party. After I slayed the beast, we found some old ruins. Entering a room with old broken pots and pans from old digging, Obviously from the making of this cave.
Continuing down the path we came to a red marble statue that seemed to baffle the people here who think themselves intelligent. While Amira moved to take the statues ivory spear. Strangely just after taking the weapon she insisted that the statue was mad at her. “This girl fears everything I guess.”
After again gaining sent of recent movement my employer insists we travel back into the caves. Coming out at its end we come through a hole in the floor Kartha moved ahead following her trail.
We are in a jail cell and more of these “Sin Spawn” (as Svante called them.) came charging Kartha Moving up for again the cleansing of these abomination. Though as Daka Cast a spell upon them a shield appeared to protect it. Filled with fury from Gozreh I saw an opening and cut him deep swinging with blinding speed I missed slightly with the second blow only because the body was already dropping.
Finishing the last abomination in the cell block, they were discovered to be to manifestation of the Overwhelming wrathful sin of long since souls. We discovered 2 small coins referring to ancient lands , places and times.
Walking up to the cat walk we started to move into the main jail.

Svante’s Journal – 27th of Rova, continued, continued

After making our report to the mayor regarding the situation at the Glassworks and the impending goblin crisis, we returned to the smuggler’s tunnels beneath Sandpoint to explore some odd ruins that Jailith and Serris had noticed during their pursuit.

We quickly learned that, despite the rubble and dust, the ruins were not uninhabited. As we passed a cave opening, a creature lunged out at Jailith! Though it fought fiercely we were able to slay it in short order, and the corpse dissolved into ectoplasm, jogging my memory. It was a Sin Spawn, a corrupted product of ancient magic used as shock troopers in times gone by. What was it doing here?

Continuing more cautiously, we found that the cave tunnel gave way to dressed stone ruins – a temple or prison complex of some sort. One collapsed wall showed something mysterious – a red marble statue of a beautiful but enraged woman in flowing robes, wielding a metal-and-ivory ranseur in one hand (hmm, the Sin Spawn had also borne a ranseur…), carrying a book inscribed with a seven-pointed star, and wearing a headdress of hooks and blades. My education fails me at the moment – it all seems ominously familiar but I can’t remember any pertinent facts or even a name. It’s been a long day though, so perhaps after a good night’s sleep it will come to me.

Amirra decided to claim the statue’s ranseur as her own, but fearing some sort of retribution (though I assured her the statue was non-magical) she insisted on replacing it with the (less ornamented) ranseur from the Sin Spawn rather than leaving it empty-handed. The girl continues to be paranoid, as she claimed the statue resisted her theft and glared directly at her – nonsense, of course.

Hesitating to continue past the statue guardian for now, we continued along the cave tunnel to another entrance to the complex, this one a hole leading up into the floor of a large prison chamber filled with long-dead skeletons. Not dead (yet!) were two more Sin Spawn arguing amongst themselves at the far end of the room. They heard us approach and turned to attack!

As I brained one with my morning star and Amirra tried out her new ranseur, Daka attempted to command one with his divine magic, to no effect, which jogged my memory further. Sin Spawn are abominations created from the soul of a mortal sinner enfleshed in ectoplasm. They are highly magic resistant, immune to any sort of mind-affecting magic, and can spread the sin which they embody to those they bite. These ones apparently embodied Wrath, which fits with the statue earlier.

Though we took a few wounds, we defeated these two without much more difficulty than the first one. Looking around the room, I realized that its contents were magically warded against the effects of time – the wooden stairs and walkway were not dry rotten as they might appear, and the dusty skeletons were even older than one might guess. Curious. We found a few ancient coins, one with the word “Shalast” and another with “Bakrakani”. Amirra thinks these are both ancient place names, Bakrakani being the area around Sandpoint and Shalast being somewhere northeast of here. Perhaps another visit to the Turandarok Academy is warranted…



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