Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition - Garner NC 2013

Session 6

27th of Rova

Goblins in the glassworks!

Svante’s Journal – 27th of Rova, continued

The goblins reacted quickly to Serris’s entrance. Three charged her immediately (she bit one’s throat out as it did so) and two more drew close and hurled glass bottles, all to no effect. Daka downed one and scorched another with a burning hands spell, and Amirra’s dog finished the wounded one off. Jailith’s wolf rushed in and tripped another goblin. I ran in and brandished my morning star at the others, who hesitated in terror of my might, as did Amirra, who sheltered behind me rather than rush in herself. Jailith hexed the tongs one was holding, forcing it to drop them and draw its dogslicer, and Daka cast create water to extinguish the other. Things were going well, when Jailith was shot in the back by an unseen archer. He and Amirra ran off to investigate. Serris grabbed and crushed another goblin then turned to follow, leaving Daka and I to finish off the last two (I took a few minor cuts in the process) and begin working to extinguish the blazing furnaces.

As I learned later from Serris, Jailith traded blows with the sniper – a half-elf monk – Tsuto? and got the worst of it, being rapidly knocked unconscious without landing a blow himself. Amirra and the animals followed close behind but the monk retreated downstairs into the pitch-black cellars, giving them pause. Serris, being able to see in the dark, was undeterred and climbed overhead, biting fiercely but also being unable to penetrate his defenses, hampered by the cramped spaces. He continued to flee through the darkness, opening a doorway to an escape tunnel.

I dispelled the enlarge person on Serris and she, Jailith, and his wolf gave chase down the old smugglers tunnel (filled with goblin bedding and refuse – perhaps this was where they entered the town?) but the monk easily outdistanced them. Amirra helped Daka and I to search the upstairs (finding nothing of note) then we went back to the cellars, where we found Ameiko – badly wounded but alive, thanks to whoever watches over retired adventurers. Daka untied her and patched her up. We now have free room and board at the Rusty Dragon for life, and Ameiko is now the head of her family by default.

In another cellar room Amirra found Tsuto’s journal, which contained disturbing tales of a planned goblin attack far larger than the previous one – as many as 200 goblins, including mention of several of the goblin heroes we had recently heard of. Also mentioned were Nualia (old Father Tymon’s adopted daughter, though dead in the fire of the Late Unpleasantness) who seems to be the leader of Tsuto’s mercenary band and now bears some sort of demonic corruption, and the ominous names of Lamashtu, Malfeshnakor, and quasits. Further investigation is needed.

Jailith and Serris found the end point of the smuggler’s tunnel (leading out to the ocean, no trail to follow from there), and more interestingly, another formerly bricked-up tunnel leading to what seemed to be an ancient prison or laboratory. We gave our report to the mayor then returned to investigate this ruin…


During the fights with goblins in the glass works Amikos half-brother shot me in the back and as I chaced him he was able to knock me out. After Amiria brought me back with my potion we started on the track. While following it to underground caverns the trail was strong and easy to follow but Amiko was found and we left the trail to pick it up later. After returning to the rusty dragon we investigated a journal from Amikos brother showing battle plans of a full goblin attack. With pictures of Newalia ( the adopted daughter of the old priest assumed dead during the fire years ago.) but she seams to be their leader and in some way demonic. Maps show that the tunnels lead to the sea hope of the trail staying out of the water seam sparse..

Session 6

It seems that we’ve now rooted out the source of the bothersome goblin infestation, Ameiko’s 1/2 brother appears to have been harboring a long standing grudge against the town for the way he was treated for being a half breed.

When we discovered the glass works was quiet we investigated and fought a brief skirmish with 7-8 of the little buggers, none of which survived the encounter…On the other hand Tsuto who apparently is a monk of some sort back shot Jailth and then beat him down badly..it’s a good thing Amirra was there to pour a potion down his throat. That’s at least the second time he’s cheated the reaper, for a druid you’d think he’d be a little less foolhardy.

After Tsuto evaded our pursuit it became clear that a band of goblins had been using the cellar of the glassworks as a base. There may have been as many as 30 of them living down there…We didn’t find anything of note until we opened the last room where we found a badly injured Ameiko. She refused to go along with her brother’s plan for revenge on Sandpoint and he had the goblins attack her. I healed her and informed her of her fathers death..may the lady of light fill her heart with peace.

It also seems that Tsuto likes his wine..and to journal. We found an entry that is very troubling..It confirmed that the goblin tribes have united for a massive attack on the town and plan to burn it to the ground. What is even worse is that this is all being lead by a woman who seems to be a servant of one of the elder goddesses of evil.

Nueila apparently is the daughter of the former priest, and was presumed dead in the same fire that took his life. She was behind the desecration of her father’s tomb and according to the journal the plan is to sacrifice the body as part of a ritual to give Nueila demonic powers. I only slightly knew of the names mentioned in the journal but between the drawings and what we were able to puzzle out it’s certain that we are facing far more than we had bargained for when agreed to protect the town…..may the Dawnflower protect us all…..

Session 6

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