Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition - Garner NC 2013

Badges, we don't need no stinking badges

26th-27th of Rova

Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges.

Kuma’s Journal – Badges, we don’t need no stinking badges

Yesterday was a quiet day at first, I picked up a sling and some sling bullets, handy to have when those pesky goblins are around and my magic stone spell will allow me to put a nasty hit or two on the foul undead should we encounter any more of them. About lunch time the sheriff sought us out and asked if we would join him for a meeting with the mayor (she’s got a haircut almost as bad as Amirra). When we got there there was this elvish woman who seems to be a ranger type, man she’s got a sweet bow ans she sure knows how to carry herself. She’s done a lot of exploring in this area and has plenty of contact with the goblin tribes in the region. It seems we have a reputation among the tribes now as the “longshanks” who kicked their little green butts.

The rest of her news was unsettling to say the least, it seems that the 5 tribes have banded together for a common goal..which means that they are being lead by some body of some power. Normally the tribes are limited to nuisance raids and scavenging, while infighting usually keeps them from becoming a real threat to Sandpoint and the surrounding area. It turned out that the raid last week involved more than one tribe..a goblin horde could be a fearsome thing. She’s headed back out to scout the southern marshes and back into the western woods to see what she can sniff out. The mayor and sheriff have asked us to stay in town and be visible to the townsfolk while he rides for Magnimar to see if a troop of soldiers can be stationed here for a while to help us root out the the nasty little vermin.

I asked if this meant we would be officially members of the town guard and the mayor agreed to that. Not sure what that actually will get us but I doubt we’ll have to spend much coin on food and drink for a while. What they want most of all is for us to be a reassuring presence, and give us time to work on things. Jailith is obsessed with crafting armor for his wolf..good thing as that mangy beast seems to get hit more than he does, and hopefully this means that we can enjoy the next few days without having to spill more blood…

Svante’s Journal

26th of Rova

This morning I had a nice breakfast with Amirra while Daka and Jailith were out running errands. Learned a bit more about her. It seems her paranoia is not entirely unjustified; she says she turned her family over to the law in Magnimar for theft, and now the carnival they were associated with has it in for her, thus the hasty haircut as a disguise. She’s more cold-blooded than I had thought. I don’t know if I could turn my family in like that – family are all we have sometimes, after all!

Sheriff Hemlock summoned us to the mayor’s office where the mayor and an elf woman were waiting to meet us. The elf was introduced as Shalelu Androsana, the ranger who killed the basilisk whose hide is now hanging in Vinder’s store. Clearly a tough customer. Turns out she’s been scouting about the goblins and Sandpoint hasn’t been their only target of late. Something big is happening because all five tribes are continuing to work together toward a common goal, which is definitely bad news for us. The Sheriff is heading to Magnimar to request additional manpower and wants us to stay visible around town to keep people calm. We can do that! Daka suggested that he deputize us into the town guard and it was agreed, but I don’t know exactly what that means for us yet. No badges for us unfortunately; I guess Sandpoint is a small enough community that that sort of thing isn’t needed yet.

Shalelu was also staying at the Rusty Dragon so we walked back as a group. She filled us in on some of the Kaijutsu family backstory (she and Ameiko are old adventuring buddies, I gather). Turns out Ameiko has a brother who’s half-elf (quite the scandal) but her mother never admitted who the father was, and took the secret to her grave. What a messed up family.

Back at the inn, she told us all about the goblin tribes and their various heroes. Seems likely to be useful in the future so I took some notes – see Goblin Tribes and Heroes of the Lost Coast. She also gave us advice as adventurers – “Never feel like it’s unworthy to retreat and return another day, but don’t leave your friends behind.”. I told her about Shayliss’s complaint about funny business going on at the sawmill, and in return she said she might have heard rumors about my family treasure (or at least A family treasure) near Thistletop. I will definitely look into this.

Shalelu is leaving to resume her scouting, but should be back in the next 7-10 days.

27th of Rova

At breakfast, a halfling woman (one of the maids of the Rusty Dragon; we learned her name is Bethana Corwyn) approached us, looking concerned and asking us to speak in private. She told us Ameiko went missing overnight, leaving her bed unslept in, which is not at all typical of her. Bethana showed us a note that she had found in Ameiko’s room and helpfully translated to Common (hmm, should we trust her translation? It didn’t occur to me to wonder at the time. Where was Amirra’s paranoia when you need it?), supposedly from her brother Tsuto asking her to meet at the Glassworks at midnight regarding their father’s supposed involvement with the goblin attack. Potentially explosive accusations indeed!

Bethana told us more of the Kaijutsu family history. Tsuto and Ameiko have apparently quarreled violently in the past, resulting in Ameiko being sent away for a time (during which she became an adventurer). She came back for her mother’s funeral, at which Tsuto accused Lonjiku of murdering the mother, and Lonjiku broke his jaw with his cane. Clearly a messy family situation. Not one we should probably get involved in, but Ameiko’s a friend now so the least we could do is check up on her.

We went to the Glassworks and found it closed up tight despite the chimney still smoking. Passersby said it had been closed for several days. Serris and Daka heard sounds like goblin laughter and breaking glass, so Amirra picked the lock on the delivery door (interesting skill for a supposedly law-abiding carnie…) and we entered.

A safe inside was open and empty, not good. We could hear goblins more clearly ahead. Daka used a wheelbarrow to barricade the stairs to the basement in case there were more down there. I placed mage armor on Serris and cast my newly developed enlarge person spell on her as well, then she broke down the door into the main furnace and glassworking area.

What a horrific scene! Corpses of glassworkers everywhere. Goblins dismembering the corpses and throwing bits into the furnaces or pouring molten glass over them. And in the middle of the room, Lonjiku’s corpse, completely covered in now-solidified glass. What a way to go…

The goblins were so intent on their carnage that they didn’t immediately notice us, but we had to act fast…



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