Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition - Garner NC 2013

Session 4

24th-25th of Rova

Boar hunting, the Kaijutsu family, and the monster in the closet.

Daka’s Journal

The power of words, the power of blood

I don’t know why I chose to reveal the manner in which I gained my manhood tattoos. Goddess knows it’s a pain that was only superseded by the venom of the cinder snake that crippled my hand. But the Dawn Flower works in mysterious ways..the crippling was one of the reasons that I eventually heard the words so similar to what our innkeeper heard from her father yesterday after we returned from the boar hunt. The lady of light blossomed in my heart as I saw how those few brief words struck home to her, there was no way I could not reach out to her..
I’ve gained a upgrade to the armor, thanks to some help from Svante and a generous offer from the blacksmith..this hero stuff has it’s advantages!. But man that city kid is a easy mark..I feel almost bad about the way I got him to pay for most of it..But if I can keep him and both of his snakes out of trouble he’ll end up with the better part of the deal in the long run..It’s not the city where you can dazzle some girl with tales of heroics and bed her before slipping off to the next conquest..we need to stay on good terms with the towns people here.

Kartha managed to get his tree hugging self gored by a wild boar on the hunt, It’s a good thing I was with him and could keep him from bleeding out. He’s still the same goofy kid I remember from our days in the tribe, but I sense that he’s becoming more something…..something I can’t quite put my finger on but maybe he’s growing up a bit.

Then there’s Ameria…many many secrets there…much more than meets the eye..I’m going to be watching her closely as I suspect what we don’t know about her could hurt all of us..

The goddess has blessed me with additional skills and powers for doing her work in this area the last few days..I feel the divine energy flowing through me more powerfully.

The encounter with that poor goblin..I wish I could have given it the clean quick death it deserved..no creature should be driven to the depths of madness that it was.I don’t think the townspeople would understand my compassion for the goblin but my service to the lady compels it.

I fear the poor child will never sleep soundly again unless Father Mathus can banish his fear, fortunately his mother is comely and should find a husband soon. The people of Sandpoint are kind and generous and I’m sure will see that they do not want.

Time for some well deserved sleep, who knows what the dawn will bring!

Jailith’s Day to Day

The Boar that Gores

Convinced that free food and a horse is worth getting up early in the morning I got together with the Crew at dawn to hunt some boars with Mr. FoxGlove.
After a short ride out of town getting To know My new horse, While Daka told us the storys of how young men in his tribe were sent off to gather dangerous and poisonous materials for the making of their tattoos marking their passage into adulthood i remembered watching those rights happen from afar as I grew up in the Tribes but was never given the right to undertake this right of passage and be accepted by the tribe.( now I knew just what they had been sent off for)
Leading the party into The Tickwood Forest. I quickly caught a not long passed track, so I had Kartha lead the way.
When being distracted by the Obsessive Phobia of ticks that Amria started having, and while trying to talk her down. To convince her that she was not going to be attacked by ticks.
Kartha and FoxGlove found fresh tracks and followed them to a small creak opening.
As we came upon the sounds of boar I moved to flank and readied Entangle so slow its charge and protect myself. When FoxGlove and Svante Yelled out about the sport of the hunt… Thinking only about these city slicking young ones as some estranged employers I lowered my spell, in time for a charging boar to ram into my side and black me out in a very painful manner. Awaking to Daka’s Healing hand helping me to my feet and FoxGlove giving me a Potion of Cure Light Wounds we made our way bake as these city slickers spoke of epic war with boars.

I for one knowing the meaning of a hunt (is to end fed). Will never hunt “For The Sport Of It” again.

Returning to the Rusty Dragon to have Daka call in his favor for saving me as a Round of beer. (Like always) “Kid could probably drink me under the table 3 times over.” A man entered calling us in the wrong for protecting ourselves and others from goblins 2 nights before.
Which followed with the Inn Keep yelling him out with a swift hit from the soup ladle. Not long after we sauntered off to sweet sleep.

The Mutt In The Hole

Waking up and realizing that Kartha seams much more accustom To the putting on and wearing of her Barding makes me see that it may soon be time to show her the merits of a slightly heavier and more covered make. I went and gathered the supplies and started the work of the new barding on of a medium size hide rather then the light she has now. It will be done in a week if no interruptions turn up. Later in the day word had reached me that a child had been sleeping in a room with a goblin in his closet for 3 nights. (My dreams of late ring true this is happening more often now i Must pay a closer eye to them. maybe the father and mutt could have been saved if I was..) Arriving at the home we found Mr. Berett waist deep head first in the hole. He had gotten stuck to close to a hungry deranged Goblin (Even for a goblin).
After a drawn out fight in a corner with the thing, Svante’s snake dragged it out around Kartha.

As we retired for the evening I continued my work And meditated on the ways nature has communicated with me through my dreams and of the things we have been through these past few nights.

Svante’s Journal

24th of Rova

It turns out that Serris and I are naturally talented at boar hunting. Who would have guessed?

We met Aldern Foxglove first thing in the morning for our hunting expedition. True to his word he provided us all with horses and gear (I haven’t ridden much, but it didn’t seem too difficult to learn) as well as “boar spears” – like a regular spear, but with a crossbar designed to keep the boar from running up the spear shaft after you stab it. Clever design.

We talked a lot on the way to the Tickwood. Let me correct that – Aldern talked a lot, mostly, although Daka did tell an interesting story about tattooing among the Shoanti. He said he has received seven tattoos already. Aldern wanted a tattoo for himself but Daka said he would have to have been born Shoanti. I’ll tell the story of my tattoo sometime – it’s not as exciting as Daka’s, but maybe Aldern can find some Varisian heritage somewhere in his family tree to get himself one.

Also, I learned that Jailith is from Korvosa. To hear him tell of it, it’s every bit as decadent as I’d expected. Thank heavens I was born in Magnimar instead!

Once we got to the forest, Jailith quickly found boar tracks and we followed them. We caught up to the boars soon enough. Serris heard one in the underbrush so she moved up, braced her spear, and shouted a challenge like we’d been told. At the same time, Jailith had circled around the same boar. He was going to cast an entangle spell on it but I told him to stop as that wouldn’t be sporting. Really, I was more worried that he might catch us in the spell too – I’m not interested in being tangled in roots when there’s a wild boar charging about! The boar charged Serris, who impaled it upon her braced spear (I didn’t think she even had any weapons training!) and kept it at bay – well done! Amirra tried to tumble past the boar to a flanking position, but caught a tusk on the way and hit the ground hard. Looked painful!

Meanwhile, it turned out there was a second boar, and from the sound of things (I couldn’t see around a clump of trees) it was keeping Jailith and Aldern quite busy. Lots of screams and such. Daka and Aldern’s men-at-arms rushed to their aid leaving me, Serris, and Amirra’s dog to handle this one, which we did quite handily. Serris and the dog snapped at the boar, distracting it until I was able to get behind it and run it through with my spear, finishing it in one blow. Damn, but I’m awesome.

Once the others finished their boar, Daka patched up Jailith and Aldern gave Amirra a healing potion to get her back on her feet (he really seems to have a thing for her – I can’t get past the bowl cut, myself). The men-at-arms handled the cleanup work with the boars and we headed back to Sandpoint, triumphant.

Ameiko at the Rusty Dragon prepared our boars for dinner and the evening got off to a great start – lots of people liked my tales of heroism, and she even gave us another free week at the inn! It was marred a bit when some old guy (who turned out to be her dad?) came in and yelled at us to get off his lawn. Well, actually, he said we were troublemakers and vigilantes and somehow blamed us for the goblin attack. Said we should have left things to the guard – what, like we were just gonna cower in terror while the goblins burned down the town? I don’t think so.

Ameiko and her dad started arguing in some foreign language – Tien, maybe? It got ugly when he tried to grab her by the hair, but she dodged – ex-adventurer, remember? – and beaned him a good one with her soup ladle. Nicely done! We were about to get involved but he put in his last word – telling her she was dead to him, nice father he is – then turned on his heel and left.

Aldern was pleased with the day’s entertainment and gave us five gold each and an invitation to come visit him in Magnimar. Will definitely take him up on that offer at some point.

All in all, it’s been a good day!

25th of Rova

Today started off ordinary then turned weird. Seems to be a pattern lately. Maybe I should reconsider my lifestyle.

I decided to head by Vinder’s store to see if Shayliss was around. Thought she might want to hear about my boar-slaying. Daka insisted on coming along, said he wanted to keep me out of trouble. I can handle myself but I let him come along, figured maybe I can set him up with Shayliss’ sister or something.

On the way, we got grabbed by Savah the armorer who wanted to give us a discount. All sorts of benefits to being a hero, it seems. Daka and I pooled our money and bought him a new set of chainmail. I got his chainshirt as a hand-me-down (only needed some slight adjustments, since we’re about the same height) and sold my leather armor to Savah. Ended up costing me about the same as it would have to just trade in for a brand-new chainshirt, but it saved Daka some money and made him think he owes me one, so it was worth doing this way.

We got to Vinder’s place but no sign of Shayliss. Hope she’s not avoiding me. I had to fake interest in some Magnimar dishware (nice quality, but not really my thing) to keep dad from suspecting something. Daka seemed to think I was about to get in trouble the whole time. What’s his deal anyway?

Daka and I went to lunch at the White Deer, where Amirra found us in a hurry. She said a woman and child had come to her with a story of being attacked by a goblin in their own home. Her husband was still at the house but she was too scared to go back. Sounded like trouble, so we went to investigate, picking up Jailith and sending a runner to the Sheriff on our way.

All was quiet at the house – too quiet. We went inside and found a sad scene – dead dog and dead man, halfway into the goblin’s hidey-hole in the kid’s closet. We pulled him out and it looked like his face had been chewed off by a crazed goblin, which turned out to be exactly what had happened. The goblin leapt out and attacked us next. In these close confines (a kid’s bedroom in a small house) I wasn’t able to get up close enough to help in the fight, and couldn’t cast an acid orb for fear of property damage, so I searched the rest of the house in case there were any other goblins around. Not finding any, I returned to the room where (after an oddly long fight, for three people, Serris, and two animals against a lone goblin) Serris was just finishing it off. That’s my eidolon!

The sheriff arrived just then so we filled him in on the sad story. Best as we can guess the goblin had fled the raids on the town and hidden in their closet, where it was cornered by the family dog. Unable to get out the way it had came due to the dog, it had dug a hidey-hole, but had hit the foundation of the house and couldn’t dig any further. Finally, maddened by hunger and fear, it attacked and killed the dog, then killed the father when he tried to kill it. Stupid goblins – why did it hide in the closet in the first place instead of keeping running? It would still be alive and so would dog and father.

The goblin’s dagger was actually decent-quality – I might hang on to it (after a thorough cleaning) if no one else claims it. Is that so wrong?



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