Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition - Garner NC 2013

Session 3

22nd-23rd of Rova

Shopping in Sandpoint, Shayliss, and the Turandarok Academy.

Svante’s Journal

22nd of Rova, later evening

I almost forgot to write this. Aldern Foxglove met us in the common room of the Rusty Dragon as we headed there to retire for the night. He gave us some money in thanks for saving his life (not necessary, but I’ll never refuse a noble who wants to throw money at me…) and invited us to go boar hunting with him in the Tickwood. I must admit I don’t see the appeal, but Jailith and Daka seemed enthusiastic, and he’s offered to buy us all riding horses and boar spears – so again, who am I to refuse? I think we’ll go the day after tomorrow as tomorrow we have some errands to run in Sandpoint.

23rd of Rova

An interesting day it has been. It appears word of our exploits has rapidly spread around Sandpoint, as even this morning someone (the baker?) gave me a loaf of fresh-baked bread as I walked down the street. She made some comment about how I must be starving (I can’t help it that I’m skinny! really!) but I’m willing to overlook it, as the bread was delicious.

We first went to Ven Vinder’s general store. Interesting place. I couldn’t help but take stock of the inventory (old habits die hard) and noticed a set of magical hide armor that Ven claims he was told is basilisk hide. Not sure I believe that, but it’s definitely a high-quality piece. Well outside of our present budget, though. We were able to trade the well-made “horse chopper” from the goblins (plus a small fee) for an equally fine-quality scimitar. Jailith and Daka both wanted it, but Daka won in the end.

I lingered as the others left the store, noticing that a red-haired hottie (Ven’s daughter Shayliss) was watching me. We went to the back of the store and talked for a bit. She seems to have some jealousy/competition issues with her older sister (Katrine? I don’t remember), but whatever. She claimed to want my help investigating a giant rat infestation in the cellar, which I agreed to, but (as I’d half-suspected; this happens to me a lot, or at least used to back in Magnimar) it was just an excuse to get me alone with her. Not a problem, but she needs to work on her timing and situational awareness (and yes, I know how ironic it is for me of all people to complain about that – shut up, Serris), as we almost got caught by her father and Daka coming down the stairs to look for something. Fortunately I was able to bluff Ven into showing me and Daka his prized liquor collection instead. I will have to see about getting together with her again in a less risky environment, as she’s definitely one who knows what she wants – me!

Daka manhandled me out of there without even a chance to say goodbye (I think he’s jealous) and we proceeded to our next stop, Bottled Solutions potion shop. We got the other goblin potion identified – cure moderate wounds as it turned out – and Daka bought a potion of some sort for himself as well. We continued to Vernah’s Fine Clothing (oddly, the owner is not Vernah – a past owner, I guess?) where we were able to sell the robe remnant for a decent amount of gold. Turns out Daka’s a decent negotiator too. We also made stops at the armorer (a friend of Daka?) and the tannery, where Amirra bought some gear for her “dog”.

The last stop of the trip was more interesting – the Turandarok Academy, which I’ve been meaning to visit for a while anyways. We’d hoped that Ilsoari Gandethus would be interested in the antique coins we’d found, and we were right. He offered us more for them than I’d thought they were worth – either he misjudged their value or I’m getting rusty – and agreed to show us his collection to boot! He said Jorgenfist (the source of the antique Thassilonian coins) is a giant stronghold, interestingly enough.

Ilsoari’s collection is pretty impressive, and guarded by an equally impressive magical lock of some sort and a few traps (supposedly harmless, as there are children at the Academy) as well. His security is on par with some of the better-guarded vaults back in Magnimar (…if I had ever been in such places, which I have not, of course…). The collection included scrolls, coins, maps, stuffed creatures of all sorts (from goblins to planar beings) and an interesting painting that I think depicted Lissala, an ancient Thassilonian deity of some sort. Didn’t get a chance to ask more about it, though. Also a couple of very magical items – a staff of some sort and a jeweled dagger (both the dagger and the jewels had their own auras, interestingly). Amirra was interested in buying the latter but Ilsoari just laughed.

Our errands done, we returned to the Rusty Dragon. Tomorrow – boar hunting?



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