Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition - Garner NC 2013

Session 2

22nd of Rova

Goblin attack and aftermath.

Svante’s Journal – 22nd of Rova, late evening

As the goblin raid continued, we heard sounds of a man and a dog fighting goblins near the nearby north town gate, so we rushed to provide aid. We got there just in time to see a goblin mounted on a rat-like beast (Jailith and Amirra call it a “goblin dog”?) cleave the poor dog in two then turn his attention to the nearby nobleman who was now hiding behind a rain barrel. With them thus distracted, we got the jump on the goblin cavalryman and his allies (another warchanter plus some rabble), although little good it did us at first. I fired two or three crossbow bolts that went wide of the mark and Amirra had similar troubles with her shortbow. Daka and Jailith rushed in but were no more successful in the melee at first. Daka was bitten by the goblin dog, at which point I decided enough was enough, drew my morningstar, and waded in to the fray, smashing a goblin skull with my first mighty swing. It appears all my practice in front of the mirror paid off!

The tide thus turning, Serris and Jailith’s wolf were able to take down the cavalrygoblin and his mount, but not before the other goblins gravely wounded Amirra’s dog (well, it’s not a “goblin dog” at least, so I’ll go with “dog” for now). One of the goblins rushed Amirra but she fended it off until the nobleman (who we later learned to be Aldern Foxglove) was able to come to her aid and run it through with his rapier. Seems like he took an interest in Amirra – I wonder if it’s mutual? I smashed the goblin warchanter (though in fairness, the others had worn him down first) and that was that.

It seemed that the raid was ending now – the city watch had regrouped and routed the remaining goblins, and the fires were now under control. Daka or Jailith patched up Amirra’s dog, I recovered my crossbow and searched the goblins for clues, and Amirra and Aldern chatted. Apparently he wants us to visit him at the Rusty Dragon tomorrow or the next day – hopefully a reward for saving his life?

I wasn’t paying much attention, as amongst the goblins’ effects I found a number of antique coins – some Osiriani, and others Thassilonian coins from a place called Jorgenfist. Interesting – they’re probably worth more than face value if we can find a suitable collector. We also recovered a second potion of cure light wounds and a potion of a type I haven’t seen before and couldn’t readily identify – I’ll take another look at that one after a good night’s sleep. Also the goblin cavalry’s weapon, a “horse chopper” polearm, was remarkably well-made for a goblin weapon and might actually be worth something as well. Interesting…

Heading back into town we ran into the Sheriff and his men, who had captured three goblins (I heard at least 20 goblins were killed in the attack, which means:
1) This was quite a large raid!
2) If that 20 kills included our contributions, then our little band of adventurers killed as many goblins – 11 in total I think? – as everyone else involved in the raid put together, not bad at all!)

Turns out Amirra also speaks Goblin (I wonder where a carnie learned that?) so she and I worked together to interrogate the goblin prisoners on the Sheriff’s behalf. What we learned was disturbing – apparently the raid was merely a diversion instigated by the goblins on the orders of a “longshanks” (human or similar?) who took the opportunity to do something nefarious in the town boneyard. Daka and Jailith hurried off to the boneyard to investigate while the interrogation continued. We learned that at least three separate goblin tribes were involved in the raid – also not good. We pressed for more information about the plot but it became clear that these goblin flunkies didn’t know much more, so Amirra and Serris and I went off to catch up with Daka and Jailith.

Sheriff Hemlock came with us and asked about our plans, having taken note of our effectiveness in defending the town. We told him about our meeting with Aldern Foxglove and he volunteered that Aldern often hunts in the Tickwood Forest – which makes me wonder, since at least some of the goblins probably passed through the forest on their way to Sandpoint… We also expressed our willingness to assist in further efforts in keeping Sandpoint safe.

On the way to the boneyard, Father Zantus caught us and told us he’d heard that the vault in the boneyard wherein lay the bodies of the previous Sandpoint priests had been breached, its door torn off the hinges. I sent a message to Daka to inform him and he relayed it to Jailith (who was scouting ahead), who soon confirmed this. We hurried to catch up but Jailith would not wait and entered the vault alone but for his wolf – and was immediately attacked by skeletons!

Jailith was blocking the doorway somewhat as he fought but Serris and Amirra and her dog were able to get past through various acrobatic maneuvers. Once he cleared a path, I followed, smashing a skeleton with my morningstar and inspiring the others to success as well. Serris downed another one, and two more soon were dispatched as well, but not before I took a cut which Daka later healed – a priest is handy to have around!

Note to self: when fighting in a dark place against things that can see in the dark, endeavor to not be the only person carrying a light source, as it is not healthy to be the primary target!

Searching the now-quiet vault, we found a discarded robe with lingering magical traces – I suspect it to be a used-up robe of bones, which would explain the skeletons – and more significantly, found that the sarcophagus of the previous priest (the one killed in the fire at the old temple) had been opened and the corpse stolen! Nefarious indeed – what could our mysterious conspirator have planned? Jailith followed human and goblin tracks out from the vault, over the town wall, and into the forest, where he lost them.

We agreed that no one but the Sheriff and Father Zantus should know about this theft, lest the townsfolk panic. We went to retire for the night and were pleased to hear that Ameiko Kaijitsu had offered each of us a free week’s accomodations at the Rusty Dragon – how thoughtful!

Tomorrow will be an interesting day, I suspect, so I will dismiss Serris before this candle burns out and get some sleep.



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